3547 Clifton Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
Phone: 513-861-1295
Pastor: Rev. Todd Grogan
Catholic Parish
  Annunciation Parish Communications
Here at Annunciation Parish we recognize how essential communication is in evangelization and faith formation, as well as in getting parish news to our parishioners.  After all, we are the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary!  Our parish is named after the announcement by the Archangel Gabriel to Mary that she had been chosen to be the mother of Jesus!  And our secondary Parish Patron is the Archangel Gabriel, God's messenger! So getting the Good News out is part of who we are!

We spread the Good News in many ways.  First, and foremost, is by our worship and the proclamation and preaching of the Gospel.

We also spread the Gospel, the Teachings of our Catholic Church, and news about our Parish via our Parish web site, Sunday Bulletin, and FIAT Parent Newsletter.  We are very proud of our web site, which attracts visitors from every corner of the globe!  Our site provides extensive information about our parish and our faith with over 200 pages of information and photos, as well as links to all major Church documents, web sites, and news.  Our site is updated regularly, several times each week.  Our site also expands, with new pages and links added regularly, as well.

Our Sunday Bulletin, published each week throughout the year, is another excellent venue for both parish news and faith formation.  The same is true of our Annunciation FIAT Parent Newsletter, which is published twice monthly during the academic year, and occasionally over the summer months.  This newsletter has vital information not just for parents, but for all parishioners!  You can access recent editions of both our Sunday Bulletin and our FIAT Newsletter here.  And you can access archived editions of our FIAT Newsletter here.

We also communicate with our parishioners and school parents via occasional e-mails containing parish and/or school news and reminders/information about upcoming events and celebrations.  Parishioners who are not currently receiving these e-mails and would like to do so are asked to contact us, providing your current e-mail address.  E-mails sent to parishioners are usually titled, "Annunciation FIAT: It's Happening at Annunciation Parish!"  In your inbox, they will be marked from "Annunciation DFF."