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Catholic Parish
Music Ministry

"The musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art.   The main reason for this preeminence  is that, as sacred song closely bound to the text, it forms a necessary or integral part of the solemn liturgy. (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, #112, from Documents on the Liturgy, 1963-1979: Conciliar, Papal, and Curial Texts, copyright 1982, ICEL)   
Music Ministry at Annunciation
Music Ministry at Annunciation Parish & School is a very vibrant part of our liturgical life.  There are many ways to become involved, as you can see below.  Please contact our Director of Music, Steve McManaman, for further information.

Mr. Steve McManaman
Adult Choir
The Adult Choir is the main musical group at Annunciation Parish. Adult choir rehearses weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:00 p.m., and usually sings at Mass three Sundays per month. This group is open to ages high school and up and is always looking for more singers in every section. This choir is usually working on something classical from the repertoire, but actually does quite a wide variety of music: old hymns, new hymns, chant, contemporary music, Spirituals, Gospel music, and ethnic music from around the world.
Parents, please note: if you are a parent who likes to sing and one of your children is involved in music and he or she might like to try it, this is a wonderful ministry to be involved in together.
Men's Choir
The Men’s Choir sings at liturgy several times during the year. It's a group consisting of the men from Adult Choir choir, other men from the parish, men from outside the parish who can't sing with our choir regularly, and college students. If you would like to be involved, please don't hesitate to contact our Director of Music. You don't have to be an incredible singer. Each time this group sings, it only involves one rehearsal and then the actual Mass. The Director of Music often sends out an MP3 practice track of a given part if the music is more difficult.
Women's Choir
This group also sings occasionally. This group consists of women from the adult choir, as well as college students and cantors.
Young Adult Choir (College)
This group sang at liturgy several times during the past year, and is a group which could be involved on a more frequent and regular basis. If you would like to be involved with our Young Adult (College) Choir, please contact our Director of Music.

Young Cantors (Junior High)
If you are junior high age (6, 7, 8th grade) and you would like to be involved in Music Ministry here at Annunciation Parish, please contact our Director of Music.

If you play an instrument there may be opportunities to play at Mass. You should be fairly proficient on your instrument. There is a particular need for string players.

Annunciation School Musicians & Choir
Students from Annunciation School, according to grade level, usually sing in the choir for our various school liturgies, and can be involved as cantors and playing musical instruments, as well. Our School Choir also sings occasionally at Annunciation Parish’s Sunday Mass.